I am a self-taught cake decorator. These are some of the cakes I have made for birthday parties and baby showers over the years. I've included links to the official instructions that I used to decorate the cakes if a tutorial is not available. 

Front view of Emily's 3rd birthday cake. 
Emily wanted a Minnie Mouse Party. She also wanted a cupcake party. We ended up having a Minnie party at a cupcake shop called Sweet by Holly. To combine the two themes, I made this cake. 

Back of the cake
It is a little difficult to see in the pictures, but the base of the cake is actually a chocolate shell that the cake is sitting in, just like a cupcake in a wrapper. All you have to do is melt a bag of Wilton candy melts according to the package instructions, spread it in your pan (no need to grease it first!), and let it harden in the fridge. Then repeat the process. When you turn the cake pan over, the shell will pop right out. Cut your cake to fit in the shell. Keep refrigerated until you're ready to serve it. 

I added a bow to a plastic pair of Minnie Ears on a headband and stuck it right in the cake instead of messing around with fondant. To make the letters, I printed out the words I wanted in Disney font, laid a piece of wax paper over it, and traced the letters in black frosting. When they were hard, I transferred them to the cake. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake for a 3rd birthday party
(Below: Back of the cake; cupcake tower of Mickey Mouse cupcakes)

Angry Birds Winter Wedding Shower Cake (tutorial coming soon)

Welcome to the Jungle Baby shower cake (tutorial coming soon)

"Welcome to the Nest" baby shower cake (**Click for tutorial**)

Jacob's 3rd birthday cake (Click for detailed instructions.)
Jacob's 2nd Birthday Cake:
I ordered this pan (Wilton: Elmo # 2105-4298, 1996)
on eBay. The original pan has Elmo holding an ice cream cone and a stack of presents. Even tough it wasn't a 3D cake, it was one of the toughest to do because I had to freehand the design of Elmo playing a guitar over the original image.  
Double birthday cake, Caillou theme

"A Star is Born" baby shower cake

A closer look...

Double baby shower cakes for a baby boy and a baby girl (Click for detailed baking and decorating instructions.)
Quilted baby shower cake

Winnie the Pooh Cake for a Baby Shower
(Click for detailed instructions.)

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