I have two wonderful kids that bring more joy to my life than I ever could have imagined... when they are not driving me totally crazy.

Jacob was diagnosed a year ago with high-functioning autism. We decided to get an official medical diagnosis- in addition to the one given to him by the school system- and that was the best decision we've ever made. In case you missed me shouting it from the rooftops, let me share with you the results:

Jacob does not have autism. 

He has a "mild, mixed receptive and expressive Language Processing Disorder". I'll write more about what this is in another post.
Pretty much the only reason I have decided to share this part of my life online is the prospect of helping another mom out there who may be going through the same thing. So please share this page with your friends in the same boat.

Parenting a child with special needs or a learning disorder can be exhausting work and just so different than having a "normal" kid. I know what I'm talking about. I was blessed with Emily, who is not only normal, but is flying through her developmental milestones like it is a race. I won't be at all surprised if she turns out just like me, the classic overachiever.

I do not have it all figured out and I fail as a mommy every day. And I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather read about other moms that admit this instead of posing as supermoms with all of the answers. While I try to don my super mommy cape on a regular basis, most of the time it is at the bottom of a big pile of laundry. Here are some stories from my adventures in mommyhood.

 Jacob's story

1. Asking the Hard Questions

3. Welcome to the Bat Cave


Why Do I Do It? (The scrapbooking, crafting, baking, etc...)

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