Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Bumper Crop

As a first time mommy, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about the thing I feared most: SIDS. I then felt deeply obliged to impart this knowledge to everyone else...whether they wanted to hear it or not. One of the biggest debates that I found on message boards and with other mommy friends was over crib bumpers- to use or not to use? I vote NO. But as my mom says, "You had a bumper and you're still alive."

Regardless of where you fall on the bumper debate, eventually you won't need them anymore. Why did I even have them? Well, with baby #2, I splurged on the perfect bedding set from BRU that cost a small fortune, even if it included multiple items I would never use: bumpers, a diaper stacker (seriously, does anyone use this?), and a window valance. Here is my idea to repurpose these items- remat a picture for the nursery.

I apologize for not posting the actual steps like a good blogger would, with pictures. But I made this before I decided to start this blog. If I get around to framing more pictures, I will update this with pics.

1. Find a great picture. This is my daughter's photo growth chart. It took her picture on her actual birthday in the hospital with a stuffed bear, and then again on the 17th of every month. I made the photo collage on Shutterfly (and paid for it using my Pampers Gifts to Grow On Points). I love this 13 picture option because I could include the pictures from her "birth" day, all 11 months, and then a large picture when she turned 1. This is an 11X14 collage. Nothing against the cutesy month-by-month picture frames you can buy, but I wanted the pictures of each month to be larger than a nickel.

2. I bought a picture frame that included a flimsy, beige mat. If you want to use a frame you already have and don't even want to spend the money on a mat you'll just cover up, you can cut out your own mat out of a t-shirt box, cardstock, or cardboard. Just check and make sure it won't be too thick to close the back of the frame.

3. Then I cut the fabric off of the crib bumpers. Her bedding had a quit pattern, so I had to make sure the colors and patterns lined up.

4.  After arranging and cutting the fabric, I sprayed the mat with a spray adhesive, and attached the fabric. In order for it to stay taught and not wrinkle, I pulled the fabric on the backside tightly and taped it with masking tape. A hot glue gun would work, too.

This probably took me 1.5 hours, start to finish. It might have taken less time, but arranging the quilted patterns took a long time. If you're using a solid material, I imagine it will take about an hour...after the kids are in bed. If you're attempting to do this while your children are awake, give yourself no less than 4 days to complete the project.

Note: It didn't look that pretty on the back side of the mat, but who cares?

I have plenty of fabric leftover to mat other pictures if I feel like it later. Another option is to make a fabric covered cork board or a magnetic bulletin board for their room. :)

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